Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Blog Name | Explained

When faced with deciding on a 'Title' and 'URL' of my first proper blog I experienced the same sinking feeling I get from having to decide on a new toothbrush, deodorant or pen (I know, It's ridiculous!). Because I am an awful decision maker- I take ages in shops weighing up the pros and cons of each item and their brands and visiting several different stores to compare prices. I've always put it down to being a Libra, but then it is likely that I am just horribly indecisive! But this time I just glanced over at my leopard print scarf I just knew...

I named my blog 'The Leopard Lady' as a dedication to my late Grandmother, who passed away in January of this year (2013). She adored leopard print and was the most glamorous, classically beautiful person I will ever know (and who regularly drove at 100 mph on the motorway!). 'The Leopard Lady' reminds me of her and the truly amazing person she was. I love to have been able to have made a memory of her a part of my future and I hope I can make this blog a part of my everyday- because I am lurrvin' it so far.

Flossy-Poo-Poo (her name for me :) )

The Dangerous Spending Cycle

I am in a dangerous spending cycle. I make money, go into H&M and spend it all. I make money, then my phone bill is due and the money is gone. I make money, I go out for lunch with my friend and spend it all. Then I see things I want like an iPad and moan that I have no money. The problem is clear- I have lost my will power with money!

Rewind back about 2-3 years ago when I was 16, I got my first proper job working in a shop, I also did  babysitting jobs on the side. I decided I wanted my own savings, so over a 3-4 month period I saved nearly every penny I made and saved £500. It was really tough though, because I was very strict with myself, for example one of the ways I avoided spending money was by not going out with friends, which I now realise was a stupid thing to do because I missed out on makin' memories and a chance to bond with my friends. It took until last year when I bought an iPod Touch for the money to run out completely (I had been spending it but then replacing it like a week or two later) and it freaked me out not having my 'safety net' of money lying in the bank. But after a while I had to put up with it and I really got to know the feeling of having absolutely no money (since I was 16 I had chosen not to financially depend on my mum or dad at all) and at times it was okay but others it was really depressing when I couldn't afford basic things such as face wipes!

After a while it got better and I was making a decent amount of money and things were easy for me. However my financial circumstances changed earlier this year and meant I had to to try to go back into 'strict-saving-mode' and scrape together money to pay for a college trip to New York I had signed up for before things changed. However, I just couldn't click into saving-mode, probably because I had emotionally scarred myself from being so strict when I was 16 (I only have myself to blame) and I was therefore rebelling against myself... I am a weird one aren't I? Something to bare in mind is that I get payed in cash as and when I work so I get small amounts of money at a time which is spent before it reaches my savings account!

Since then my attitude about spending money has started to change and I have become sentimental (buying things I don't need just because they remind me of my late Grandmother), I have become frivolous (I pass a newsagents and can't help buying a magazine or pack of sweets just because I have the money). And I have no self control when I enter H&M. So as you can see- things need to change.

My self-diagnosis is: I HAVE BECOME AN EMOTIONAL SHOPPER! Something I swore I would never be because I have seen relatives and friends fall into debt, and the crippling effects of it. I fear that my first instalment of my student loan in September will suffer due my current lack of respect towards my money. The only cure I can think of is to begin saving again, slowly but surely. I will go out with friends but I will avoid shopping for clothes and accessories unless I know I can control myself. I will employ the 'Do I need It? Can I live without it? Will this item bring any significance to my life?' tactics. I also need to start being grateful for all the things I have already, I need to tone down this materialistic side of myself and enjoy the experiences life has to offer- such as travel! But that is for another post...

Thanks for listening
XOXO (the xoxo is because I am currently influenced by Gossip Girl- don't judge!)

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Testing the Blogger app!

Killing two birds with one stone (which I condemn in the literal sense of course)... I am testing the Blogger app and showing off a photo of my bed! I made it earlier so it is now SUPER COMFY and HYGIENIC and hopefully the springs are nicely nestled underneath the 4 duvet covers I put on top and will no longer cause me uncomfortableness! (I know that is not actually a word, don't worry!)


Welcome To My Blog!

Hello, my name is Florence Wigens (also known as Flo, Flossy and the highly embarrassing Flossy-Poo-Poo) and welcome to my blog!

I decided to start a blog for many reasons:

  • I feel like my personal style and fashion sense is developing and I want to share my 'journey'
  • I am an art student ALL ART STUDENTS MUST HAVE BLOGS! No, but it feels like that sometimes.
  • I enjoy writing, and I think I am pretty decent at it too
  • I want to challenge myself and I think blogging will help me 'grow' as a person
  • I have big boobs and thick curly hair- two things Barbie never had! I haven't found anyone on Youtube or in the blogosphere that I can relate to in terms of styling outfits for girls with big boobs! So I hope I can be that girl! 

- I ignored all these reasons for ages because I was too lazy/anxious/scared about 'putting myself out there!' and actually doing it. However, I have chosen not to stop myself any longer!

At this point in time I don't know what 'type' of blog this is or what my posts will be about so I'm just going to put up whatever I feel like and see how it goes y'all!!


Flossy (poo-poo)